Looking for an awesome ecigarette? When it comes to the judgement of a specific ecigarette, we will usually give an evaluation from angles such as power, size and appearance. A mod with ideal power, portable size and fashionable appearance must be popular among most of vapers. Today we will introduce Wismec RXmini, a miniature-style ecigarette. If you lay great emphasis on power, size and appearance, it can be a nice choice for you.See more at

Wismec RXmini is another masterpiece of Jaybo. It comes with a compact size. Powered up by 2100mAh built-in battery, the highest wattage can reach 80W. What’s more, the optional colors and changeable stickers make the classic RXmini very eye-catching and now even the resin ones are also available.

As a single-battery ecigarette, RXmini is a power-efficient mod among all the Wismec single-battery mod. The highest output wattage of 80W is a development compared with RX75, Presa TC40W, Presa TC75W and so on. 80W is more than enough for sub-ohm tanks. From this aspect, the RXmini is just like a mini version of RX200, a beast among tiny ecigarettes.

As to its battery, RXmini adopts the latest lipo pack of battery, a marvelous pack of 2100mAh. Many users have reported that the built-in battery last longer than they expected, even for heavy vaping. Large battery capacity also avoids constant recharging to a certain degree, offering more durable battery life and protection to battery. Such technology can make it the best ecigarette in the market.

As a vaper, we expect to vape anytime in anywhere, so an ecigarette with high portability will be a good choice.

Portability is a main selling point of Wismec RXmini. This can be understood in two aspects. On the one hand, RXmini is really small in size. With the dimension of 44.5*33.5*58mm, it’s very easy to hold in the hand. Small size also means less consumption of material, thus RXmini is not heavy in weight. You may put it in the pockets, bags, wherever you can imagine. You can bring it to everywhere you need to go. On the other hand, the large battery capacity also makes it more durable outdoors. You can use it assuredly without worrying about the battery life or charging inconvenience. Just take it outdoors and go everywhere you want to.

There are two versions of RXmini for your choice. One is the traditional classic with five optional colors and changeable stickers. You may change different stickers according to your own preference. With such shiny bright colors and good texture, it will surely become a focus of people’s attention.

The other one is that made of resin material. Its most outstanding characteristic is the unique psychedelic patterns. Since each one is unique in color and design, it’s unpredictable how the next one looks like. It will surely be a surprise for you when you open the package and all you need is just a mod that can stand out.

What do you think about Wismec RXmini? Does it really satisfy your needs with its high power output, high portability and fashionable appearance? Don’t be reluctant to speak out your good comment. You are just speaking out the opinion on the bottom of everyone’s heart.