Reuleaux RX Machina
Product Introduction
Inspired by the ExMachina Design aesthetic, the first RX Machina Mod with the signature Honeycomb Resin Sleeve designed by JayBo is born. Differing from the conventional button configuration, RX Machina moves all the functional button parts up into the 510 section and has the smallest possible profile for a 20700/18650 mod. RX Machina is not only a stunning device which captures the innovation and advancement in Mech technology, but is is also presented in a beautiful way making this product very special.
Structure Diagram

Size: 81.3mm*28mm     Weight: 97.2g
  • Height: 81.3mm
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • Weight: 97.2g
  • Cell type: 20700 cell/18650 cell with adapter
Reuleaux RX Machina
Reuleaux RX Machina innovatively adopts new button design, fully utilizing all functional space inside the tube and providing you with the smallest 20700 Mech mod on the market. You can also enjoy the use of 18650 cells with the help of our adaptive battery sleeve.
Interchangeable Exterior Sleeves in Attractive Materials and Patterns
By unscrewing the 510 top cap of the mod, you can easily replace the decorative tube with other options, or you can simply use the mod without the decorative sleeve, whichever suits your preference.
Slick yet Powerful
The RX Machina comes with a compact size, much convenient to hold and carry. The bottom fire button is ergonomically designed for better vaping.
Standard Configuration
Reuleaux RX Machina