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Products Ready For TPD Submission
Product Status Report Download
Product NameDate of registrationRegistered CountryProduct EC-IDProduct Design FileEmission Test Report
R40 Kit (0.8ohm ) 2ml2019/6/1Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-70041
R40 Kit (0.3ohm) 3ml2019/3/26EXCEPT (PL ,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70016
Wimsec R80 Kit(WV01 Single 0.8ohm Coil) 2ml2019/4/22Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-70019
Wimsec R80 Kit(WV-M 0.3ohm) 2ml2019/4/22Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-70020
Wimsec R80 Kit(WV01 Single 0.8ohm Coil) 4ml2019/4/22 EXCEPT (PL ,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70021
Wimsec R80 Kit(WV-M 0.3ohm) 4ml2019/4/22 EXCEPT (PL ,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70022
WISMEC PREVA Kit 0.6ohm 3ml2019/4/17 EXCEPT(PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70030
WISMEC PREVA Kit 0.25ohm 3ml2019/4/17 EXCEPT(PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70029
WISMEC PREVA Kit 0.25ohm 2ml2019/4/17EXCEPT(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-19-70024
Wismec PREVA SS316 Dual 0.25ohm Cartridge 2ml2019/3/26Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-70012
Wismec PREVA KTR 0.5ohm Cartridge 3ml2019/3/26 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70017
Wismec PREVA DNA 3ml, 0.5ohm2019/3/26 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-19-70013
Wismec PREVA DNA 2ml, 0.25ohm2019/3/26Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-70015
Wismec REULEAUX TINKER2 with Through 6.5ml,0.35ohm2018/12/27Except (DK,GB,LU,PL) 00746-18-70029
Wismec REULEAUX TINKER2 with Through 2ml,0.35ohm2018/12/27Except (DK,GB,LU,PL) 00746-18-70026
Trough 2ml2017/10/9Except (DK,GB,LU,PL,BE,LV) 00746-17-30021
Trough 6.5ml2017/7/19Except (DK,GB,LU,PL,HU) 00746-17-30002
WISMEC LUXOTIC Surface with Kestrel 2ml2018/12/27Except (DK,LU,GB,HU,PL) 00746-18-90007
WISMEC LUXOTIC Surface with Kestrel 4ml2018/12/27 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-18-70027
SINUOUS V200 with Amor NSE 2ml2018/12/27Except (DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-70020
SINUOUS V200 with Amor NSE 3ml2018/12/5 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AU,BE,LV) 00746-18-70025
SINUOUS V80 with Amor NSE 3ml2018/10/24 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AU,BE,LV) 00746-18-70015
SINUOUS V80 with Amor NSE 2ml2018/10/24Except (DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-70017
REULEAUX TINKER with COLUMN 6.5ml2018/11/20 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AT,BE,LV) 00746-18-70023
REULEAUX TINKER with COLUMN 2ml2018/10/18Except DK、LU、GB、HU 00746-18-70011
WISMEC ACTIVE with Amor NSE 3ml2018/10/25 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AU,BE,LV) 00746-18-70021
WISMEC ACTIVE with Amor NSE 2ml2018/10/25Except DK、LU、GB、HU 00746-18-70018
Wismec LUXOTIC DF BOX with Guillotine V22018/9/25Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-90005
Sinuous Solo with Amor NS Pro2018/9/2Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-70010
WISMEC ACTIVE with Amor NS Plus 4.5ml2018/7/23 EXCEPT (PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AU,BE,LV) 00746-18-70014
WISMEC ACTIVE with Amor NS Plus 2ml2018/7/30Except DK 、LU、 GB、HU 00746-18-70009
LUXOTIC MF BOX Kit2018/6/25Except DK 、LU 、GB 00746-18-70006
MOTIV 2 2ml2018/7/11Except DK 、LU 、GB 00746-18-70008
MOTIV 2 3ml2018/6/22 EXCEPT(PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AU,BE,LV) 00746-18-70012
Bellerophon2018/6/20 EXCEPT(PL,ES,DK,SE,FI,HU,GB,LU,AU,BE,LV) 00746-18-80008
HiFlask2018/5/23Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-70005
CB-80 2018/5/4Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-70004
GNOME King with SINUOUS RAVAGE2302018/5/15Except LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-70003
LUXOTIC NC 2018/4/4Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-70002
Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual2018/3/20Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-70001
LUXOTIC BF BOX2018/1/17Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-70115
Reuleaux RX2 217002018/1/3Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-18-34417
SINUOUS RAVAGE2302017/12/1Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34415
CB-602017/11/10Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34414
Reuleaux RX2 207002017/10/9Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34413
Reuleaux RX Machina2017/8/18Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34411
Sinuous FJ2002017/9/6Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34410
SINUOUS SW2017/8/7Except DK 、LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34412
Reuleaux RX GEN32017/7/19Except GB 、HU 00746-17-34409
SINUOUS P802017/6/15Except LU 、GB 、HU 00746-17-34408
EXO SKELETON ES3002017/5/9Except DK 、LU 、GB、HU 00746-17-34407
Motiv POD2017/3/27Except LU 、GB、HU 00746-17-34405
Sinuous P2282017/3/2Except LU 、GB 00746-17-34404
Noisy Cricket II-222017/1/29Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-17-34300
IndeRemix2017/1/29Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-17-34300
REUX2016/12/28Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-34402
Reuleaux RX3002016/12/28Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-34402
Reuleaux Rxmini2016/12/28Except LU 、GB、HU 00746-16-34403
Amor2016/12/23Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-30800
Venti 2016/11/16Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-31200
Presa TC100W2016/12/23 Except DK、FI、HU、LV、PL、PT、GB、LU 00746-16-30100
Reuleaux RX2002016/11/16Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-31100
Amor Plus2016/11/16Except LU 、GB、DK 00746-16-30200
Presa TC75W2016/12/23Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-30800
Theorem 2016/11/16Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-30300
Reuleaux RX75 Kit 2016/11/16Except LU 、GB、HU 00746-16-32100
Vicino 2016/11/16Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-34000
Vicino D30 2016/11/16Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-34100
Reuleaux RX2/32016/11/16Except LU 、GB 00746-16-30300
ORMA 2016/12/23Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-30500
Motiv 2016/12/28Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-16-30400
Noisy Cricket II-25 2017/1/29Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-17-34200
Neutron2017/1/29Except LU 、GB、DK、HU 00746-17-34200
IndeReserve—  ——  — —  —
WV-M 0.3ohm Head2019/4/21Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-90006
WV01 Single 0.8ohm Coil Head2019/4/21Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-90011
Wismec WR01 Mesh 0.6ohm Coil2019/4/21Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,BE) 00746-19-90009
Wismec WT03 Triple 0.15ohm Head2017/3/2Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,HU) 00746-17-70107
Wismec WT02 Dual 0.2ohm Head2017/1/29Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,HU) 00746-17-70105
Wismec WT01 Single 0.35ohm Head2017/1/29Except(DK,GB,LU,PL,HU) 00746-17-70106
Wismec WS-M 0.27ohm Head2019/2/18Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-19-90007
Wismec WL01 Single 0.15ohm Head2018/11/23Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-90006
Wismec WM-M 0.15ohm Head2018/5/15Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-90001
Wismec WS04 MTL 1.3ohm Head2018/5/15Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-18-90002
Wismec WS01 Triple 0.2ohm Head2017/12/11Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-17-70114
Wismec WS02 Triple 0.25ohm2017/3/27Except(DK,LU,GB,HU) 00746-17-70108
Wismec WS03 1.5ohm MTL Head2017/11/20Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-34416
Wismec WM03 Triple 0.2ohm head2017/11/10Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-70113
Wismec WM02 Dual 0.15ohm head2017/11/10Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-70112
Wismec WM01 Single 0.4ohm head2017/11/10Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-70111
Wisemc WT-V3 0.17ohm head2017/5/9Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-70110
Wismec WT-H2 0.4ohm head2017/5/9Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-70109
Wismec NS Triple 0.25ohm Head2017/3/27Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-17-70108
DS NC0.25ohm Head2016/12/23Except LU、GB、HU 00746-16-70104
Amor Atomizer Head(1.0ohm)2016/12/20Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-16-70103
Amor Atomizer Head(0.5ohm)2016/12/20Except LU、GB、HU、DK 00746-16-70102
AM Triple 0.2ohm Head2016/12/20Except LU、GB、HU 00746-16-70101